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In August 2004, Sanmenxia's Dicastal Wheel Manufacture Co.,Ltd. was jointly invested by CITIC Dai Ka, Chong Tong (Hongkong) group and leading exchange Hongkong investment company. In December 2011, it was reorganized by Henan energy chemical group and CITIC card. The company specializes in R & D and manufacture of automotive aluminum alloy wheels. In September 2016, 4 million new lightweight hub production capacity was added, with a total capacity of 8 million. Products covering 12 "~26" coating, polishing, electroplating and other different specifications, different surface treatment of car hub, in addition to the domestic host plant, a large number of exports to North America and Europe. The company has the world's first-class aluminum wheel hub production line and testing equipment, and has the leading technical level. It is one of the large scale, advanced equipment, leading technology and complete variety of large production enterprises in the manufacturing industry of aluminum alloy automobile wheel in our country.
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